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Bláthfhleasc {blah-laaske} (Wreath of Remembrance) is a fabric and multimedia installation that weaves the timeless motif of a daisy chain into a contemporary narrative of commemoration. 


Hand Me Down

While some hand-me-downs might be viewed as repulsive,a thing of horror stories, others are embraced and cherished even though they are experienced in the vacancy of the abyss.


Whisper Whisper

The seemingly unrelated elements of a time-honored coding system converging with a child’s game of ‘Whispers’ and the nostalgia of a daisy chain, challenge our perceptions of how we convey meaning and emotion in the digital age.


Home and Garden

The little rituals and whimsy that our mothers teach us - the act of creating a daisy chain ‘just because’, or holding a buttercup

up to our chin...

I only took a second to say goodbye.jpg


Suss means to become aware of something - to suss something out, to be on guard and to be shrewd. Much like the characters in these paintings, contemporary society is always on edge.


Go Home Stay Home

A collection of small works that describe moments of childhood independence - those times when mum is out of earshot, or that tingly feeling in the game of hide and seek where you are the last to be found.

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