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Home and Garden

Home is where we retreat, to truly be ourselves.

Once through the door, the outside world shrinks. We become defined by the spaces we move through, the people we draw close, and the objects that we intimately surround ourselves with. Here within whakapapa connects us. It’s where vulnerabilities are expressed and pain processed. Emotions calmed and soothed.As the seasons pass, home is where we creatively express ourselves, growing together with our gardens as we plant, water and weed. Inside, chopping herbs, setting the table and blowing out candles.Home is where we design perfectly imperfect universes to dwell within. Presented in a suburban Tauranga home, Home & Garden showcases four artists that reflect on the idiosyncrasies and challenges of contemporary daily life.

- Sonya Korohina, Director, Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga

Artist's Statement:

The little rituals and whimsy that our mothers teach us - the act of creating a daisy chain ‘just because’, or holding a buttercup up to our chin. The moments that suddenly sharpen in focus when a memory is triggered. Times of innocence and intimacy are the ones we hold dear.

Using the syntax of unspoken code, this series presents pictorial tropes and visual cues - to express the unspeakable, entering into silent exchanges of memory with the viewer.


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