• Lynette Fisher


I've spent this week solidly in the studio stretching, gessoing and generally prepping a tonne of canvases.

In short, I have spent the week painting stuff black.

I've talked to a few artist friends, and this is a process we all share - whether it be stretching watercolour paper, priming boards, clearing out their working space, researching, or just making a cuppa - we all have rituals to start our work.

It's the time that I use to settle into the space and the head room to put that brush in the paint.

It's the time to sort out the good and bad ideas.

It's the time to begin a story.

It's also a pretty good time to catch up on the podcasts...

This week may I present to you Nanette Wallace.

She is a printmaker and this is a monoprint. So beautiful.

Pinky Swear (monoprint) by Nanette Wallace


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