Limited edition print release

The Hanging Tree (2014)

2020 print release - fine art inkjet print 

190 x 290mm image with white border

to fit 297 x 420 (A3) standard sized frame.

$75 (+ shipping if applicable)

A percentage of sales will be donated to the 

Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga.

Limited edition print release

The Hanging Tree (2014)

Watercolour, gouache on paper 

2020 print release - fine art inkjet print 

190 x 290mm image with white border to fit 297 x 420 (A3) standard sized frame.

$75 (+ shipping if applicable)

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Yep, the big life changing shit. 


I think I only started actually taking it seriously (like cry in front of your specialist seriously) when chemotherapy came into the conversation. I remember saying if he had a box knife and wanted me to lie down right then and there in his office I would let him cut it off me - but the c word scared me. Really really scared me.


The radiation conversation didn’t affect me as much, that was more of a ‘let’s take this down with every bit of ammo in the arsenal’. I just agreed to everything like I wasn't even in the conversation. I just wanted to live goddamnit. I’ve got a family. A son. A husband. Fuck.


I have photos in my phone of my pincushion hand that I can’t even look at without feeling sick. That vile red life-saving poison. Ah the irony.


Then the hair went. All of it. What now? My eyelashes? Just take them. I don’t need them as much as my life thanks very much. My husband and best friends shaved  the last prickly patchy remnants off in our garage. We all laughed but it wasn't funny.


So then I painted.


I couldn’t move off the damn couch, so I contained myself in a little area with a palette and a water jar while my husband and kid worked their lives around me. 


I painted.


I watched Food TV, slept, took my pills and ate peanut butter sandwiches. This is why I never got cancer skinny I reckon. I got cancer chunky.


I painted.


I got really into medieval tapestries and William Morris. I researched the witch trials, because, hell, I was going through some torture that I certainly didn’t deserve. Strong women powerless to their fate at the stake? Female healers being dunked in a river three times only to come back twice? Oh yeah, I can relate, sisters.


So that’s that. A series of three watercolours that are in my personal collection. This one is my favourite one, and the one my dad wants a copy of. It was the second time he’s had to deal with this exact disease, I’m pretty sure he’s over it. I’m not going to tell him what this painting is about, but he may even know deep down.


Because it turned out beautifully, I am releasing this image as a limited edition print. I want to donate a percentage of sales to the Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga - those girls do a brave and mighty job.​​


If you wish to purchase a copy of The Hanging Tree, please follow the link here.

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