Go home, stay home
An exhibition of painting by Lynette Fisher

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Lynette Fisher’s latest solo exhibition remains true to her recognisable style of using nostalgia as the hook. In this show, she has chosen to paint a suite of small, intimate works that describe moments of childhood independence - those times when mum is out of earshot, or that tingly feeling in the game of hide and go seek where you are the last to be found.
But also, these paintings were produced just after the Covid-19 lockdown, when we all had a chance to reflect on what effects those “strange days” had on our collective psyche.

Families and friends isolated, children disconnected from their routine environments, and the constant state of uncertainty became routine.
This collection of small bubble-shaped paintings reference the ‘new normal’ which brings a different experience for everyone... a return to children making their own fun while parents are distracted, heightened emotional states, a peek into the future and a reminder of what little history has taught us.