My art practice

I am a creative practitioner, coordinator for the Molly Morpeth Canaday Award nad sometimes I get to teach drawing on the Toi Ohomai Bach. Creative Industries degree.

My art practice ranges from printmaking, drawing and painting, all of which have featured in solo and group shows around New Zealand.

My work investigates themes of adoption, guardianship and appropriation - taking elements of existing imagery and re-placing them in awkward, misplaced and re-imagined worlds. There is an underlying sense of nostalgia and tension between past and present where space, time and identity are separated.

I work between drawing and painting where  dry-brush and wax pencil works on canvas evoke memories of blackboards or schoolhouse slates. I use a mostly monochrome palette  - where colour is used it is subtle and sparse.

I am fully committed to the arts as a necessary element to our lives, and am always available for collaborations, critique and any chance to learn.

I work from my studio in Te Puna, and works can be viewed by appointment.